October 11, 2016

Solar PV

With a falling equipment cost and rising efficiency, solar PV or photovoltaic panels are now a real option, and a sensible one at that, for many households.

With many subsidies available and planning, if required, easier to get this may be the best time to get yourself or your business a little ‘off-grid’. SDM have all the experience and knowledge you need to make sure the installation goes smoothly and works as it should from day one. Bad practice or little knowledge can be an expensive mistake when it comes to new technology so let us put your mind at ease with best practice and service.

If you are wondering whether solar is a long term solution then this article showing solar generation overtaking coal for the first time may help you make up your mind. The technology associated with solar PV panels and generation is advancing so quickly that it can seem a little daunting. Let us make the installation one less thing to worry about and take advantage of our knowledge at the planning stage.

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