October 11, 2016

EIRC & PAT Certification

Whatever your testing or certification needs SDM can help. From huge commercial, public installations to installing and certifying your new loft or garden extension. You get the same level of quality and service regardless of size or cost. We have experience in every aspect of EIRC and PAT regulation so are well positioned to get you what you need, and quickly.

If you are a building your new house or extending your existing one we make sure that all our work is up to the latest standards and can advise you at the planning stage to ensure the cheapest and best way to comply with EIRC and PAT regulations and make sure you get all the essential certificates. We make sure you won’t be left with the massive headache of uncertified work when or if you come to sell.

If you are a domestic landlord we can schedule in regular tests and reports so you’re always up to date and fully protected.

Commercial landlords can often benefit from regular testing and reporting to ensure both you and your tenants are safe and prepared for the future.

If you are a contractor and need regular testing of tools and equipment to ensure compliance then we can help make sure you stay on site. Having your tools barred from a site can be an expensive error so let us help. We’re happy to bulk test sites or warehouses, call us for a chat.

Whatever your needs, get in touch for the easiest route to compliance and the best value service available. The burden of EIRC and PAT testing needn’t be a burden at all if you let us help.