October 11, 2016

EV Charging


Many drivers are switching to EVs (plug-in hybrid and fully electrical vehicles). To get the most from your EV you need a fast and reliable charge point at home and / or work to ensure safe charging. This also ensures it’s not creating an electrical hazard when plugged into your home electrics. We have made sure we are fully qualified to handle your electric vehicle charger installation.

We became one of the first companies in Scotland to be both EST and OLEV certified so you can be assured we know about electric vehicle charger installation. Coupled with vast experience in all kinds of domestic and industrial electrical installations you can be sure that your charger will be chosen and installed correctly.

Most installations are eligible for a government grant and we can advise you on this. Some workplace and public electric vehicle charger installations will be eligible for a grant to the full value of the installation; making the installation free. It’s almost certainly a good idea to carry out an installation while the scheme is available.

There’s now a vast choice of charger available on the market, from the more basic to the app enabled, full monitoring system. We are an independent electric vehicle charger installer so can advise on the best option for your needs – regardless of brand. Speak to us and we’ll help find the perfect solution for your EV, preferences and location.

So, if you’ve just bought an EV, or are thinking about it, and want advice on the best electric vehicle charger installation solution then get in touch. There are no call-backs or hard sell and no data base. Just good advice – and great service if you decide to install a meter. We handle all installations ourselves (no outsourcing to contractors) so you can be sure of our consistently great service.

We handle domestic, workplace and public installations and provide the best solution for every customer.


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